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Resolutions to Reality 2012[1]— a wonderful workbook created by the Fireweed Group to help you make 2012 your best year/ make your resoutions a reality! www.fireweed.com


Walking in the World, Julia Cameron MY PERFECT DAY EXERCISE

“Fortunately, success sometimes comes to us whether we can imagine it or not.  Still, it comes to us more easily and stays more comfortably if it feels like a welcome guest, something looked forward to with anticipation, not apprehension.  This tool is an exercise in optimism, and that word “exercise” is well chosen.  Some of us may have to strain to constructively imagine our ideal day.  But let’s try it.

Take pen in hand.  Set aside at least one half hour for writing freely.  Imagine yourself at the beginning of your ideal day, a day in which all of your dreams have come true and you are living smack in the middle of your own glorious accomplishments.  How does it feel?  How good can you imagine feeling?  Moment by moment, hour by hour, happening by happening, and person by person, give yourself the pleasure in your own mind’s eye of the precise day you would like to have.  For example:

“ I wake up early, just as a beautiful morning light  spills into the room and focuses on the wall where I have hung the covers of my best original cast albums for my Broadway shows.  My bedroom has a fireplace and my row of Oscars and Tony awards balance happily on the mantel.  I slip from bed so as not to wake my beloved, who is happily still asleep.  It is a big day, day one of rehearsals for a new show.  Casting has gone well.  The director is superb.  Everyone is eager and excited to be at work, and so am I.  I have worked with many of these people before.  We have a loyal, constructive, and brilliantly talented core group of talent that was working in what they call “Broadway reborn,” as the melodic songs of our work echo the best of Rodgers and Hamerstein…”

Let your imagination be a real “ham”.  Spare no expense and consider nothing too frivolous.  Do you have telegrams of congratulations wreathing your makeup mirror.  Did somebody send you two dozen roses, and a dozen fresh bagels for breakfast?  When the phone rings with great news, who is calling to say, “That’s great!”  Is it your favorite sister or the president?  This is your day and you have it exactly as you want.  

Allow yourself to inhabit your absolute ideal from morning until nightfall.  Include your family and friends, your pets, time  for a nap or high tea.  Enjoy scones and excellent reviews.  Accept a lucrative and prestigious film deal.  Make arrangements to tithe a percentage of your megaprofits to charity.  Stretch your mind and your emotional boundaries to encompass the very best day you can imagine and allow yourself a sense of peace, calm, and self-respect for a job well done.”

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