Graceful-living Day 5–THOUGHTFUL

Holidays are a great opportunity to be especially thoughtful! I recently took Fourth of July as an opportunity to delight! I found out just prior to the big day that the 4th is my sister’s 3rd favorite holiday of the year and we took the opportunity to celebrate my brother-in-law’s birthday as well so I wanted to make it special. I usually host the 4th of July family BBQ and it is typically all-American: burgers, corn on the cobb, etc., but this year I wanted to make it exceptional so I paid particular attention to the details…

Extra decorations– flags everywhere, sparkly accents, AND a Happy Birthday banner, giant balloon, and hat for the birthday boy.  Light up red white and blue star necklaces for everyone. Table set with festive placemats, napkins, etc.

Dogs wearing 4th of July bandanas!

Flags at the trees we use to remember my brother and Grandfather.

Paying attention to who’s attending:  I used the tray that Aunt Nancy made for me and was intentional about getting a pic of the two of us together in our matching shades.

I wore the earrings that my mothers gave me recently so they could see how much I liked them.

I put the red-white-and blue hydrangea that my Mom bought for me in the lovely crystal vase that belonged to my best friend’s late mother and sent my friend the picture to let her know I was thinking of her dear, departed Mum.  I also sent the pic to my sister in Boston to let her know we wished she was with us.

Lots O’ pictures of the fun and festivities were captured!!!

It was a lovely celebration.  I look forward to doing it again next year!

So grateful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave!


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