Feeding your soul by brightening someone else’s day


KINDNESS is a pillar of grace-full living as is THOUGHTFULNESS.  I truly believe that most people intend to be good to others, but those who live a grace-filled life are intentional about it and actively seek opportunities to brighten. But the commitment to GIVE can be daunting.  I don’t have millions to donate, my time is limited, I don’t have obviously monetizable talents, but I can change the world one smile, one hug, one wink at a time.  And what I’ve learned is that kind gestures don’t need to be earth-shattering, life-changing, or planet altering… they just need to make someone feel acknowledged, appreciated, noticed, loved, liked, honored, supported, not alone.

So to that end, I’m going to provide 1 example per day for (at least) 7 days of acts of kindness and CHALLENGE YOU TO COMMIT TO 7 DAYS OF ACTIVE KINDNESS.  I hope you’ll share your experiences, inspiration and challenges along the path as well!

Here we go…


  1. Postcards. It might sound silly, but I travel a lot for both business and pleasure and I send postcards to small group of people from nearly every destination.  The recipient list changes, but it might include a dear friend in her 90s who doesn’t get out and about as much as she used to, grand-parents who just like to know what I’m up to, a loved one who is incarcerated, a neighbor and dear friend who just likes to know I’m thinking of her, a friend battling cancer, a young niece, a god-daughter, my son’s good friend who is away at college and missing family, etc.    I carry a list of all of their addresses along with post-card stamps with me wherever I go.  It’s a simple way to show people you care, provide a “warm hug” in the midst of junkmail and bills, and open up the world to folks who may not have access to great adventures.  I love that postcards are always hand-written!  I use way too many exclamation marks and always include XOXOs.  Corny–but that is part of the charm.

Your assignment– think of someone(s) who might enjoy getting a postcard from you.  Write down their address so you have it with you the next time you find yourself in a new spot or send one from a local venue.

Send a postcard! Wait for delight upon delivery!


Love, Cindy

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