I woke up this morning and frittered.

I indulged in the guilty pleasure of surfing Facebook and then plopped down on the couch intending to better myself by catching up on some world news.  After just a few minutes in I was so depressed, I switched to TLC and started drowning my sorrows in a sea of Say Yes to the Dress re-runs that I’d already seen.  In my head the list of shoulds rolled through like movie credits.  I should be walking the dogs, re-starting my diet, getting the car washed, cleaning up the flower beds, doing paperwork, updating my budget, going to yoga, planning my Grace-full Living Retreat, writing my book, writing my blog…  It could have gone either way today– couch potato with a little woe is me, or optimism, activity, and forward motion.

Thank goodness the Universe has been conspiring to coax me out of this state of inertia and propel me towards progress, fulfillment and joy.  Last week my friend invited me to a meetup about achieving goals that he lead and one of my takeaways was the concept of One Thing:  What one thing do I do today to make the most impact on my desired state (my desired state was finishing my book)?  Hmmm… I pondered this morning.  Not a conundrum… write!  Yesterday at an impromptu brunch, my friend talked about trying to be a little bit better each day.  “What does that mean for me today?” I asked myself as I drove to the store.  And the answer was simple: Any day that the world is a little better because I got out of bed is a good day.

So I enjoyed some trash TV/ chilling’ time AND I also did some things to help propel me toward goals and dreams…

  • I read a few chapters of The Book of Joy by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop, Desmond Tutu.  Enriching and Inspiring!
  • I paid for the car behind me in the drive through line.  Pay it forward is SO fun!
  • I went to yoga class– that one helped me get closer to multiple dreams– getting certified as a yoga teacher by the time I’m 50, staying healthy and getting skinny, and connecting with all things sacred and spiritual in and around me.
  • I wrote a blog entry– first one in almost a year!
  • And I worked on my book– first time I’ve opened the doc since August of 2016 which has been driving me crazy because it’s really important for me to finish it, but I’ve been avoiding it.

I know these are small things– I’m not expecting a ticker tape parade.  But what’s exciting to me is the subtle shift in focus and momentum.  It’s all about physics–objects in motion stay in motion and I’m excited about the direction I’m moving today!



One thought on “Momentum

  1. Denise elliott says:

    What a great recovery from a negative space to a positive one!

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