Keeping my promises to myself

I made a new friend yesterday.  We’ve been yoga buddies for a little while now.  We were in the same cleanse workshop at the first of the year: no animal protein, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no booze.  No eating after 8:00pm.  Yes to daily meditation and a peaceful morning routine and regular yoga. Simple, but very good.  We end up in some of the same classes at the studio where we both practice.  She likes the hot sweaty dancey ones like I do.

I’m not usually very social at the yoga studio– friendly, but not social.  I enter the hot room, being sure to close the door behind me to keep in the warmth, survey the space options to find and secure a lucky spot (I like the corners, she tends to be a “front and center” gal), lay down my mat, and erect the four invisible walls that surround them.  It’s not my intention to be anti-social, but I’m in my own little world once I get to my mat.  I get all my props lined up– water, strap, towel, etc.  Make sure my hair is fastened. Start the process of stretching out the kinks, and before I know it the teacher walks in and we’re off!  But not yesterday.  Yesterday, as I was in the throws of organizing, fastening, and de-kinking, J. bounded over to the spot my mat was occupying and offered up and enthusiastic greeting!  I said Hi and asked her how she was doing and she really answered me.  She was good on many fronts, 28 days into a new eating plan that was working well.  Excited about a Brene Brown book she was reading (Daring Greatly) that helped her realize she was hiding from some things and allowing food to be part of the charade.  She had a new mantra, “I keep the promises I make to myself.” and she was proud of the progress she was making on these many fronts.  “How are you?” I asked and “good, growing, struggling, trying, and sometimes failing, but always striving.” –that’s what I got from our 2 minute interaction.  That’s when I knew we must be destined to be friends because who is that candid, humble, and open with a non-friend?  J., that’s who.

But she inspired me to allow my naturally private, reserved self to venture a few steps closer to the authentic side of the street and to  ponder her mantra: I KEEP THE PROMISES I MAKE TO MYSELF.   Wow!  So for the last 24 hours I’ve been pondering promises, those kept and those broken to to myself and to others.  I thought about the promises I made recently.  Have I kept them?  Why or why not?  Do they need editing?  Are there others that should be added to the list?  What is so important that it deserves a true promise and not just an I’ll try?  What will it take for me to be vigilant about honoring those commitments to myself?  What reward will I reap if I do?

Thank you, J. for helping me make progress on at least one of the promises I made to myself this year– more blogging!

One thought on “Keeping my promises to myself

  1. Nina says:

    LOVE this ~ it’s just what I needed to be reminded of! Thank you! Hugs

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