lightness and grace    11110561_1641559536062726_4979277577559580538_ojoyjoy 3Alex and CB

That’s my word for 2016: LIGHT– and I’m pretty excited about it! When it first came to me it was in the context of weight and volume– less and fewer.  Light vs. heavy physically: the consulting lifestyle, some stressful situations and some bad habits have gifted me with some extra Lbs I’d like to release to the Universe resulting in a LIGHTER me.  Light vs. heavy emotionally:  some passings, some friends’ sufferings, some personal struggles have offered me the opportunity to lighten my load. Light vs. heavy spiritually: a lightness of being, a que sera sera outlook (what will be will be) is what I’m striving for. I hope my eyes sparkle, my toes tingle, and my XXX giggles (what part of us giggles???).  I hope I can laugh at myself and wink at the world.  I’d also like a lightness of spending/ purchasing/ consuming/ having and lightness of wasting.  I’d like to surround myself with things that bring me joy (or serve a purpose) and nothing else. A light credit card bill and uncluttered closets– yippee!

And after pondering my new word a little while, I realized that “LIGHT” was also beautiful in the context of the opposite of dark and that it is a fabulous VERB– “Light a Spark”.   Every year I make a resolution to light more candles– both literally and figuratively (be the light or the mirror that reflects it.)  This year I hope I can provide light in someone’s darkness; let someone know they are loved, help someone understand they matter, appreciate someone’s gift, hold someone’s hand  when they need it most, lift someone up when they are feeling down, share a smile or a fist pump, help someone find their passion and their voice, support someone in taking a stand, be there for someone celebrating a BIG win or mourning a devastating loss, connect with a stranger, inspire, relate, encourage, show respect or admiration, give someone strength to make a hard decision (or better yet show them they had it all along), help someone dig in or let go, cheer on someone’s new idea, and give someone a big-fat-hug– whether they need it or not.

IMG_3539hugging 1Light 5IMG_3588helping 5

My wish for you in 2016:



LIGHT a spark!




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