Movement and Stillness


My family has gone Fitbit crazy! Sara and Jess have had them for a while, but my parents bought FBs for all of us hold-outs a few weeks ago. They wanted to promote health via movement (and a little familial competition). It worked!

The night I got mine, I got the bug! I marched out of Target at 8PM with a determined look in my eye– I had until 11:59PM to win the challenge! I first walked , then two-stepped laps around my home (my sister has the video to prove it) until close to midnight. It took 13,328 steps but I won!

This body likes being in motion. Just play some Nutcracker music and it will spontaneously pas de bourree, saut de chat, and tendu. I love vinyasa yoga because it dances. I pace when I talk on the phone.

But this body likes stillness too as does this mind and this spirit. Peace and quiet, meditation, curling up on a couch in front of a fire– all elixirs for the soul, but often under-rated and under-appreciated– sometimes even berated or misinterpreted as sheer laziness. Such a pity.

I run to keep up with family and friends who are tracking at 10,000 steps a day (or more), but I also acknowledge the amazing gift of quiet, unmoving, serenity.

So on this New Year’s Eve, I resolve to embrace both movement and stillness in the coming year.




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