I just finished reading Kelly Rae Robert’s Blog (very creative artist, here is her blog site: and she mentioned that her word for the year is TRUST.

Word for the year… I like the concept.  Maybe a new New Year’s  Eve tradition?  Instead of or in addition to my normal resolutions– “Drink more champagne!”, and “Light more candles!” (both meant literally and figuratively), maybe I should invest in a word for the year.

I pondered the concept.   I wondered what my mot (French for word) might be for 2014, this the year of the horse according to the Chinese calendar.  It took about 3 seconds for the word FAITH to settle in.  Ahhh.  Faith is one of those strong but gentle, powerful but soothing almost ethereal words akin to grace, honor or gratitude.

The fact that I immediately had to email my friend for validation of both the mots d’annnee (more French) concept and my selection (she agreed on both counts) signaled that this was an area in need of focus.  Not because I’m generally lacking in the faith category, alas I’ve been known to be faith-full to a fault (just ask the random guy who knocked on my door and offered to wash my windows for a mere $200 in cash which needed to be pre-paid—I had faith that he would do the right thing.  He didn’t.).  But in the hustle and bustle of life, it is necessary to flex the faith muscle often starting with little things like the date of expiration on the milk is accurate, the car mechanic knows what he is doing and is giving you a fair deal, Siri will give you good directions, etc., so that it has massive strength to fend off the fear, anxiety and worry that can show up with overwhelming magnitude about more significant issues if we aren’t careful.

So this year I’m going to practice being faith-full.  I’m going to…

  • Have faith that the person who cut me off in traffic either didn’t see me (maybe her mirror is broken or she was distracted–worrying about a sick relative?), or is in a very big hurry to get somewhere VERY important.
  • Have faith that 5 minutes a day of downward facing dog and tree pose counts as a yoga “practice” and qualifies me for yogini status.
  • Have faith that making time for stillness, silence, and sleep is OK.
  •  Have faith that my body is strong and powerful and healthy.
  • Have faith that I’m making the best parenting decisions I know how to make and that they are serving T well.
  • Have faith that when I make wrong  decisions, he’ll let me know and we’ll correct course as appropriate.
  • Have faith that when T leaves the nest, he’ll have a selection of wonderful schools to choose from and that the one picks will help him soar.
  • Have faith that I’ll be able to survive (deep breath) and thrive when he’s gone.
  • Have faith that people are good and doing the best they can on any given day.
  • Have faith that even the darkest clouds have silver linings.
  • Have faith that things work out the way they are supposed to.
  • Have faith that love can conquer all (Beattles singing in the background– All you need is love, love, love…. Love is all you need), and that I love well and am well loved.



P.S. The picture with this blog is from Izoar, based on the art from my friend Janice Earhart.  Check out her work at!

2 thoughts on “FAITH

  1. Your are a beautiful, brave, earth angel! Sending love, love, and more love. jk

  2. oops. You are a beautiful, brave, earth angel!

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