When life asks you to dance… say YES!

Advice for my teenage son.

My darling, as you grow up and go out in the world, you get to decide how you spend your money and your minutes.  Here’s my investment advice for you…

  • Travel.  Anywhere and everywhere.  Meet the locals, see the sites, drink in the experiences.
  • Try on a “different life” for at least 3 months.  Work on a dude ranch in Montana or an oil rig in Alaska.  Be a ski bum or a surfer dude.  Live in NYC or LA.
  • Be inspired by great athletes.  Experience the Olympics, the NBA championship, March Madness, the Superbowl, Wimbledon.
  • Enjoy great live music.  Go see Jay Z, Garth, Leontine Price, U2… whoever you love or anyone you love loves.
  • Swim, fly, and drive.  Snorkel, scuba, hot air balloon, helicopter (NO bungee jumping or sky diving– why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?), ATV,  jetski, boat– try them all!
  • Make something you are proud of with your hands.
  • Take on a major physical challenge.  Climb a mountain, run a marathon, do yoga 25 days in a month :-).
  • Sing in the shower, the car, the park.Perform at a karaoke bar.
  • Say Yes! when asked to dance.  Ask the most enchanting person in the room to dance.
  • Start a business.
  • Create a home you love.
  • Spend time with old people.
  • Hold a newborn.
  • Visit a holy place.
  • Give your whole heart someone(s) and something(s).
  • Believe… in something.
  • Have FAITH.  Have FUN!

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