Love THINGS that love you back

Being surrounded by beauty is one of my great joys in life.  The beauty of nature: my beloved ocean, sunshine, blue skies.  The beauty of love: family, friends, soul mates.  The beauty of wonderful experiences: travel, celebrations, gifts.   The beauty of world: Paris, South Africa, Hong Kong.  The beauty of children: giggles, hugs, grins.  The beauty of sacred: angels, buddhas,  divine inspiration.   So decorating my home has really been more about living a happy, joyful, wonder-filled life than having interior design expertise.  My mantle is adorned with an angel picture on loan from a friend (I’ve had it for 12 years now.  Wonder when she is going to want it back :),  candles that Taylor got for me from Denver Classic (my best friend’s shop), an angel from my late brother’s African art collection, and pictures pictures pictures– fun with Taylor in Hawaii and Paris, a birthday pic of T wearing a crown and a big grin, friends and family.  Close by is an antique chest from China that I adore.  My love of Asian furnishing bloomed when I spent a week visiting my uncle in Hong Kong many many moons ago.  On top of it is one of my most prized possessions, a big African wooden bowl filled with sand, memories from all of the wonderful, fabulous, soul-soothing beaches we’ve had the honor of visiting all over the world… and the newest object of my affection,  a buddha of sorts hand picked for me on one of my uncle’s adventures in Burma and mounted by another uncle.  I adore it!

Handmade gifts are also part of my decor.  A blanket that my sister knitted to keep me warm as I healed from surgeries and chemo, a pink quilt my aunt made to hug me along the path of my cancer journey, a book made with the TLC only a dear friend can infuse…

And there are angels.  In addition to the two on my mantle, there is also a cherished cement cherub given to me by my business partner the Christmas I was pregnant with T and an angelic creation made of clay that  looked after my Mom and I when it was “just the two of us”.

I love art with meaning.  The beautiful dancing folk art piece that was part of my dear friend Paula’s collection, but now lives on my dressing table and brings me joy every single day.  The glass giraffe that I bought from the factory where it was hand-made in  Swaziland, Africa– a trip of a lifetime.  I could go on and on…

I am so blessed!  I live in a home that loves me back.  It is filled with things that remind me that I love well and am well-loved.  Momentos from wonderful experiences that have fed my soul, gifts from friends and family who have cared for me through thick and thin,  art that speaks to my heart, pictures that make me giggle, an eclectic style that reminds me I am a world citizen, a refrigerator covered with happiness, and tokens that remind me how much I adore being a Mom.  Yippee!!! Lucky me.

2 thoughts on “Love THINGS that love you back

  1. Rebecca says:

    Cindy, I love this blog. Love things that love you back. That should be my slogan from this point forward. I have always been, by nature a very loving person, always wanting to be that beacon or light of love to others…to uplift, not tear down. I hope that sometimes I hit the bullseye. Progress, not perfection. Thanks for the thoughts. ❤

  2. Paula says:


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