1.  Elegant movement; poise or balance.
  2.  Free and undeserved favour, especially of God. Unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification.
  3.  Short prayer of thanks before or after a meal.


grace  (gracesgracinggraced)

  1. To alight, to land, to appear.

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Grace is my favorite word in the english language.  Had my son been a daughter, he would have been named Grace (Gracey) Taylor or Savannah Grace.  To me, grace is a state of being, a way of moving through the world.  It refers to both the physical and the spiritual.  Grace is kind, thoughtful, elegant, gracious, generous, effortless, airy… it is fully present, and completely engaged.  It is authentically optimistic.  It is a quiet but powerful strength with an understated yet breathtaking beauty. 

Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, Princess Diana– they are graceful to a degree I can only aspire  and admire from afar.  I can merely pursue (occasionally succesfully) a grace-full (filled with grace) and beauty-filled life… a life compiled of as many moments of grace, gratitude, graciouness as I can accumulate on any given day.

And so… a blog is born!  A running dialogue on our (yours and mine) successes and failures, theories and lessons, illuminations and inspirations as they relate to living a GRACE-full, beauty-full, joy-full, bounty-full, happy, healthy, prosperous life comes to life!

I can’t wait to hear your brilliant insights!  Cheers!